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Project Summary

Nomads believes community is the most important aspect of Web3, and lays the foundation of building and connecting with like-minded individuals. Their mission is to elevate and enable Web3 communities by providing infrastructure and tooling that leverages the full capabilities of blockchain.

They are building an on-chain community platform for communities and community managers alike. It will help community managers better understand, enable, and connect with their members through the lens of their project's vision. It will provide community members with an easy way to discover and connect with others, keep up to date with the project's progress, and seamlessly participate in initiatives.

Check out their Product Deck here.


The Nomads team is deeply embedded in the Solana NFT ecosystem with backgrounds in their respective specialties, and an advisory board starred with talent.

T H: T H is one of 4 co-founders at Nomads and serves as the team lead. Throughout the last year, he has advised many projects on areas including utility, growth, and tokenomics. Outside of crypto, T H manages a program of 30+ engineers across 4 teams at a big tech company.

BROOM: Broom serves as the Art Director and one of the four co-founders of Nomads. Broom is extremely passionate about web3, art, and fashion. Broom manages a team of 5 consisting of animators and artists. He also serves as the co-founder and art lead for the Solana HODL Whales.

Slim: Slim is one of the 4 Co-Founders for Nomads and serves as the Product Lead and Co-Lead Developer. Though a more recent member of the Solana community, Slim has been in the crypto scene since 2017 as an investor, trader, developer, and technical enthusiast.

LKF: LKF is the fourth co-founder of Nomads and is the co-lead developer with Slim. He is incredibly passionate about Web3 and NFTs and has served as a developer building smart contracts. LKF has deep technical expertise in all things development and hopes to use this to build out amazing utility for Nomads.


Nomads is a utility-first project, with their main focus and offering being community management tooling.

Their art, interestingly, is left-facing - meaning, when set as your profile picture, it will look away from your messages and posts. This could be a gamble on PFP-ability; we very rarely see NFT profile pictures facing left. Your NFT artwork comes as a profile picture and phone wallpaper, which is a nice plus.

Our Thoughts

First and foremost, Nomads kicked off a new meta for Solana NFTs by holding a presale with vesting period. RadarDAO participated in the presale alongside other prominent NFT communities, where Nomads sold 3500 NFTs at a discounted price that will unlock over time, similar to a token lock-up.

Given that a majority of today's NFT enthusiasts practice short term trading, we'll see how this experiment goes. We're hopeful that this becomes a norm in the space and eventually moves the needle towards long term investing mindsets.

Based on their team's background and advisory board, on paper Nomads definitely has what it takes to pull off the development of their platform. A main risk here is definitely crowded competition: many community management tools geared towards NFT groups are already in development, some even being live, functional products. If theirs sticks and is widely adopted, we could have a winner on our hands.

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