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Good Mood Dudes are the Web3 branch of the Web2 brand ayoka. Ayoka is a mood-boosting drink that uses a mix of vitamins, caffeine, and natural 5-HTP – obtained from the African black bean – to ensure that the body produces feelings of happiness. The Good Mood Dudes (GMD) look to help expand the ayoka product line and reach by capturing a Web3 audience.


The GMD art has a fun, upbeat vibe about it that embodies the brand's essence of making you feel good. With a cool blend of colors that match the company's branding, it's something that makes you happy when you look at it. While it's not an art-focused project, it captures the fundamental principles of ayoka as a whole.


GMD has about 12 total team members working on the Web3 side of things, including their moderator team. The core team is as follows:

Philip Lanz - Co-Founder and Web3 Lead

Sebastian Raber - Co-Founder and CEO (Mostly focused on the Web2 side)

Whis - Community Lead

Matthew D. - Social Media Assistant

SocratesSecret - Project Manager


Full whitepaper can be found here:

The most interesting part about this project is that it's focused on an actual real-life product. Not a product that they're going to come up with, or develop in the future. A product that already exists, is already being sold in 1200+ stores in the greater Austria area, and that has already done hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue this year.

The addition of the NFTs and the funds that come with it will: - Help them to expand their product line. They have a gum launch in the near future, and another undisclosed product in the works as well.

- Look to expand into the UK and USA markets. While not a done deal at the moment, talks have already begun with the necessary parties. If they're able to successfully enter those markets, their revenue should increase significantly, even more than the expected doubling projected next year as is.

As a holder of the NFT:

- You will be eligible for revenue sharing from the new products they launch

- You will be able to vote on what the next products are

- You will receive a customized physical can of their drink with your exact GMD NFT printed on it.

- You are eligible for discounts on their products, potential other physical goods, and more!

Final Thoughts

This is an exciting project for me because of the tangible product it stems from. Unlike most projects, we don't have to wait for them to develop something or hope that something can actually generate revenue. The product exists. The revenue exists. This feels like an actual investment in a company as opposed to a traditional NFT that you just hope the floor magically goes up. They are launching with a very small supply of 1,425, with the goal being to launch another round of 1,425 down the road. Total would be 2,850 and no more than that. It's worth noting that between Web2 investors, DAOs, and public presale, they have already sold over 50% of the supply that will be minting on the 10th.

We've seen projects, such as Froots, sell out with a supply of 7,777 and a price of 2.75 (although it got lower through dynamic pricing). They didn't have a product, didn't have an operational plan, and didn't even have a preview of what the packaging would look like. Yet they sold out at the hope their juice would do well one day (along with some heavy influencer activity). If they can sell out without a product, then there's no reason that an established brand with actual sales shouldn't.

Disclosure: Radar has been helping advise Good Mood Dudes behind the scenes for over three months now. We have done so for free and have not taken any compensation, other than an exclusive presale opportunity for our DAO and whitelist spots. Our opinion on this project is not swayed by any benefits that we may receive.

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