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Leoisidro, whose real name is Leonardo, is from Mexico. He's 30 years old and studied graphic design. In his free time, he likes to focus on his carpentry and art.

1. When you're working as a carpenter, do you feel like an artist in a sense?

Well, in carpentry I started making more artistic pieces, like figures, because I didn't have many tools. Now I do more pieces of furniture or small things like boxes. When I make, for example, a wooden figure, it is something more artistic.

2. Have you ever considered selling pictures of your woodwork as NFTs? As like a realistic-art series of some kind perhaps?

Yes I have thought about it! Not the wooden things themselves but incorporate them into some composition, texture, or object. I have not reached a concrete idea yet though. I have already experimented with some wood shaders that I made and another one in substance painter.

3. Why do you prefer 3D art? Nowadays, the NFT space is dominated by 2D art, and 3D has had a tougher time finding its place.

Well, because I don't know how to draw that well haha. I used to draw but I gave it up a long time ago. Then I started with 3D and never looked back. I tried to use tablets to draw as well, but I can't, my hands don't get used to it. I like 3D because you can put objects at any angle, unlike in 2D where you limit yourself to a frame. At least I see that advantage and I try to make my renders look 2D.

4. Speaking of your work. When I first spoke with you, I had to ask if your art was AI-generated, which you told me it was not. There are a lot of controversies when it comes to AI art. What's your opinion on it?

Well, I think it's like everything. It always happens that some machine, software, etc. comes out that does things automatically. Obviously, there are people who don't go beyond what they can create with these tools and I think those are the people who make AI look bad. I think it was yesterday I saw on Instagram the story of a 2D artist who said how someone else had trained an AI to imitate her art style, and those are the people who make AI look bad. Why do you want to copy anyone else when you can create something quite unique? AI can provide good tools but it depends on who uses them. The same happens with crypto - someone comes to scam people and they already start to see everything about crypto as a scam.

5. Do you think this topic has made it harder for you since your work is similar to what people associate AI art with?

Not at all, I have never blamed AI art. it's my fault for not showing how I do things because I'm too lazy to do it. I share work in progress on my Twitter account but since not many follow me, not everyone sees how I'm doing things.

6. Your works are so vibrant. How do you choose the color palettes for each one?

It's easy, I use the coolors.co app to avoid having to put color by color. In my shader material, there is a node to be able to put the colors randomly. Obviously, they don't always fit the first time and I have to try and move values here and there.

7. That doesn't count as AI?

I don't think so. It's like the option in a video game to randomize a character. I think an AI goes beyond offering something random.

8. What's your number one goal as an artist on Solana at the moment?

Well, sell more haha. I know it will sound cliché but I would also like to support smaller artists because in the short time that I have been here I have seen many of them leave.

9. What do you think we all can do to support smaller artists other than just buying their work?

Well, with a simple retweet from someone with more followers or another better-known artist, it already makes a difference. Also, events like the Skeleton Crew Skullana Fest help us to be a little better known. I don't have many followers, so I don't have constant sales. But if I find someone and I like their art, I retweet them, and for some reason, my retweets get more attention than my tweets

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