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Michelangelo was born in Italy. He's been an artist since 2019, creating illustrations for projects and more. He first started on Solana in July 2022 but was just a spectator. He decided to start his career as an artist in October, a few months later.

1. How did you get started on SOL?

I have always really liked PFP art, and I was so used to creating traits for collections that my art was very simple. From November to the beginning of December I decided to totally focus on improving my art style and testing colors. I have always loved pixel art and I learned from it at the beginning of December to create Noomads in January 2023.

2. What was the hardest part for you in the beginning?

I think the hardest thing at the beginning was not having a lot of people believe in me. Or they just didn't like my art (I get it). Thanks to this I have improved and I plan to do it for a long time. Never give up and always follow your dreams, make connections, meet people, and enjoy the process. That's the best thing about being on the web3, growth is determined by yourself during each step you take. If we manage to be 1% better than the day before at the end of the year, we will be much better overall.

3. What connections have you been able to make that have helped you grow as an artist?

Meeting different artists and talking to collectors (I've never offered my art via DM or anything like that). I just wanted to meet them. I understood that the process of it is that people want to be treated well and make real friends. I always remember a friend who collected several of my pieces (Lopez Founder of Marshies). The best thing you can do is research a lot, and learn from other artists in order to grow.

4. What's the one biggest thing you've learned from all of your research so far?

I think the most important thing is to enjoy the process and progress every day. When you enjoy the process, everything happens very quickly and things get better and better. If you focus on doing things in a hurry, it doesn't bring anything good, just mental fatigue.

5. Tell us about Noomads, and how that eventually evolved into your latest series, Passengers.

Noomads is an incredible collection that expresses my love for pixels. I definitely love being with a group of collectors who eventually become friends and share common interests. Passengers was inspired by Noomads but in 2D art, that's why both connections will have benefits from each other, while I finish writing what this interesting ecosystem will be like.

6. What details can you share about that ecosystem at the moment?

Both collections will have a connection in the same way that the Noomads will have a pass to obtain a passenger. I will be making announcements about it very soon.

7. In the few short weeks since I first reached out to you, your auctions have gone from a very respectable 48 SOL to an incredible 73 SOL on your latest one. What have these last two weeks been like?

Without a doubt, the past few weeks have been quite incredible. I have been invited to different communities where I have met incredible people and remain very communicative on Twitter. I talked to one of my first collectors and he just reminded me that he swept my auction floor four months ago with sales at $7 and $10.

8. Last question. When can we expect the next Passenger drop?

Next Wednesday, March 8th, will be the next drop. I'm really thinking of something a little wilder but I'm still in the creative process haha.

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