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I wish you the best of luck - you'll need it

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second edition of the notorious HoTsAuCe scavenger hunt. If you remember and took part in the first one, you remember how much fun everyone had. You also remember people going crazy trying to figure it out. I hope this one will lean more on the fun side, but I expect both feelings to occur again.

This hunt will work similarly to the last one, so here's a recap and explanation of how it will go.

We have created a brand-new wallet. This wallet has had zero interaction of any kind. Nothing is in it. You can't trace it on the blockchain. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to find this wallet's address. If you're able to find it, then you can privately message it to me on Discord. If it is correct, I will send you the second puzzle, of which the answer will be the seed phrase for you to take control of the wallet and all the spoils within it.

First person to gain control of the wallet and change the seed phrase so nobody else can get in, wins!

There is a second wallet connected to the secret wallet. This second wallet contains all the prizes that the winner will get. For a full-list of prizes, check the announcement in our Discord. The address for that wallet, in case you would like to check the prizes or make a donation to the prize pool, is BFdvFqsnnTs56qarmfhKtukjJnP7w9wvN57vsqikauMj.

Now you should know, I don't necessarily make these things easy. But I will tell you that everything you need to solve the first puzzle can be found on this site. So if you haven't had a chance to look around yet, I suggest you do so.

But where to begin? Wouldn't you like to know. As Lauren has said, the possibilities are endless. And if you know anything About Us then you know we'll keep you guessing. So what comes next?

Again, you'll need to read the articles on the site. Check out the project write-ups. Check out the guides. Definitely make sure you check out the Zen0 article too. Before, Zen0 was a fortress. But we got him to open up a bit in this interview so be sure to give it a read. He's an amazing artist obviously. Top tier. But you already knew what tier-he-in. You've GoT to sound out the last part, but only if you want to.

Pay attention to the images in the articles too. This will make your lives a lot easier. So easy that even a beginner could figure it out. The images will help you receive what you need.

Now to make this a little easier, I will tell you that you're looking for four words or phrases or strings of text. These four items, when properly combined, will help you get to where the wallet address is located. Remember, everything you need to find the wallet address is on this site. U R just going to have to figure out what page the answer Lies on.

Good luck. Have fun. And if you have any questions or think you got the answer, you can always DM me on discord. HoTsAuCe####


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